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Getting the perfect six-pack – Five exercises celebrities swear by

by Mark Nolan
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Getting the perfect six-pack body.

Sport and exercise is part of daily life for many, as it should be for all of us, but in order to achieve such an ‘ideal’ body with hardly any time between events, content creators on social media are showing how they are using their limited ‘free’ time to practice many of the exercise routines celebrities swear by.

Celebrities such as Jennifer López, Kendall Jenner, and Megan Fox have joined the fashion of showing off their iron abs, achieved through a routine of physical exercise and healthy eating, but getting the perfect six-pack takes effort and dedication.

Many physical fitness experts point out that the abdominals are one of the most difficult areas of the body to work with. Nutrition and balance are the keys to losing fat accumulated in the gut.

But there are some exercise routines you can practice helping you towards that perfect six-pack.

Abdominal wheel. With the abdominal wheel you can perform different exercises, more or less complex depending on the intensity that we want to establish. With this movement we will improve the stability of the core and, in addition, muscles such as the triceps, deltoids and lats are worked indirectly.

Pallof press. An exercise with which the anti-rotation of the core is actively worked on, strengthening it and preventing injuries. Fantastic for improving stability and ideal for people who have suffered injuries or pathologies in the lower back.

Abdominal plank. A classic with which I am sure that many have found the seconds too long. A basic but very effective exercise that will also improve body posture, metabolism and coordination. You should keep your back straight, your core and buttocks firm, and hold your body like a board. With series of 30 seconds it is more than enough for a good abdominal activation.

Mountain climbers. Knees at chest level, with rhythm for good fat burning, and taking care not to arch your back to avoid injuries to the lower back. The goal is to keep a regular and constant rhythm, to promote fat burning.

Superman. As in the isometric plank, both the core and the glutes must be very firm. The arm should always be well stretched to make the movement more complicated.

Of course, you should always take precautions before starting a new exercise routine, and get personal advice from an expert.

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