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Christmas snack ideas to impress your guests

by Mark Nolan
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Christmas cookies

For the many people who celebrate the Christmas season in some way or another, it´s a great time of year for reconnecting with friends and even family, but sometimes those connections lead to a surprise visit, and so, with the holiday season in mind, we have some Christmas snack ideas to impress your guests.

They are nothing special by the way, just a couple of extra items to pick up on your weekly shop, but they are bound to add a sparkle to the occasion.

Shaped biscuits. It is one of the snacks that cannot be missed at least once during the Christmas weeks. Trees, stars, snowmen… they are a great and simple buy suitable for adults and children, which you can even play with.

Pancakes or crepes. No matter what time of year it is, some pancakes or a crepe are always well received. If you don´t want to buy them from the shop, they are easy to make, just search online and you will find plenty of easy recipes, and they are versatile enough to mix up the fillings, wrapping sweet, or savoury delights that everyone will enjoy.

Churros with chocolate. It is another of the most demanded recipes and snacks when the Christmas season approaches. Who has not snacked on some churros with chocolate before seeing the lights or while watching a movie all together as a family? They are a little complicated to make at home, so buying them might be the better option, but combines with hot chocolate, and maybe even a dash of brandy if you dare, is the perfect winter warmer.

Fruit skewers. If you want to give your snack a healthier version, don’t worry because we have an alternative for you. You only need the fruits that you like the most and play with your imagination. For example, you can use red fruits to make a Santa Claus, perhaps sat in a banana sleigh. Just an idea!

Chocolate lollipops. A very easy snack to make and that everyone will surely like. You only need some cookies and a stick to hold them. Melt chocolate in the microwave and soak the cookies. After letting them cool you can decorate it as you like.

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