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aussieBum says g’day to the UK

by Mark Nolan
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aussieBum is a famous Australian men’s underwear and swimwear brand. The brand has gained global notoriety over the last decade-and-a-half, capturing attention with their swimwear promotional campaigns, and a little help from a well-known pop princess.

Established by Sean Ashby, aussieBum was born off the back of Sean being unable to find classic nylon swimwear for his days lazing about on Bondi Beach. Following a successful career in marketing, Sean quit and invested his savings into making the swimwear that he could not find. And from his dining room table. But retailers in Sydney and Melbourne rejected his swimwear, claiming it was the exact antithesis of what customers wanted.

Following his rejections, Sean took aussieBum online and roped his mates into wearing the swimwear for promotional photoshoots. Those shoots soon gained notoriety online and captured the attention of William Baker, Kylie Minogue’s stylist. They took the entire aussieBum swimwear collection for Kylie’s ‘Slow’ video. aussieBum suddenly gained popularity and retailers were soon flocking to the brand. The brand has since only been sold in exclusive retailers such as Selfridges, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols.

aussieBum is now a global success story. The company manufactures over 1 million underwear and swimwear garments every year. The company also won the Australian Export Award for e-commerce in 2017.

The aussieBum product catalogue has expanded from swimwear, into underwear and other apparel. It includes a huge range of carefully designed underwear, featuring underwear technologies and quality fabrics.

  • WonderJock – the famous next-generation pouch with an internal pocket to provide extra lift and support. It is what WonderBra did for women’s bras. aussieBum has done it for men’s pouches!
  • Enlarge – push-up pouch technology for extra lift and support
  • CottonSoft – quality cotton and elastane blended fabric, soft to the touch, breathable, and light to wear
  • Baseline Bamboo – silky smooth bamboo rayon fabrics, breathable and environmentally friendly. It’s not just pandas that like bamboo!

Today, VOCLA is proud to announce the launch of the aussieBum brand online at VOCLA.com, offering access to this global mega-brand for the UK market. VOCLA has launched the UK’s largest range of aussieBum underwear and swimwear and expects to expand the range further through the year. VOCLA offers the UK market the ability to select Aussie underwear and swimwear without having to wait for it to be shipped halfway across the globe and then incur customs duties and import taxes.

VOCLA is a UK-based authorised brand stockist of niche and global underwear and swimwear brands, offering over 2000 styles, sourced from around the globe.

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