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Experts advise on how the UK’s unpredictable weather could impact one’s beauty regime

by Mark Nolan
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Rain and shine, hot then cold – not only is the unpredictable weather putting a dampener on summer plans, but it’s also playing havoc with hair and skin. The experts at Faace explain how to minimise the impact. “Rapid fluctuations in temperature can take a toll on our skin and affect the skin barrier leading to dryness, irritation, and lower skin’s defences against environmental stressors,” says Dr Sonia Khorana, the Derm GPTo support skin during the seasonal changes she says, “I’d advise looking for skincare ingredients like ceramides, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.” 

“You might find your skin is feeling stressed out, which can create a dull, dehydrated, or spotty complexion. Stress Faace Daily Moisturiser (£34) soothes with Neurophroline® which slows the impact of stress on skin, leaving it feeling calmer and looking brighter,” explains Faace’s founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens.

If one’s skin is rosacea or eczema prone, or they are unsure which products best suit, intelligent beauty marketplace Sourcerie has designed an expert tool fuelled by customer reviews, to recommend personalised matches for skin types with over 90% accuracy, like having a derm in one’s pocket.

Live True London’s hairdressing expert, Liz Wilson explains, “When your hair is battling the ever-changing elements, it needs a boost of moisture and protein, particularly if feeling dry or frazzled. When styling your hair, introduce a treatment like the FUL London Styling Spray (£18) with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to condition hair, but also counteract frizz and add hold.”

As well as hair and skin, mood could be impacted by the not-so-sunny days. Tisserand Aromatherapy expert aromatherapist, Jo Kellett, explains, “Studies have shown that the simple act of inhaling an essential oil can elicit a change in mood. Reach for a mood-balancing blend, such as Tisserand’s Restore Balance range (from £9.50) with uplifting Clary Sage and comforting Geranium.”

Another wellness tip to consider, is introducing Vitamin D3 and Echinacea into one’s diet with Zohi Immunity (£16.99) not only can this benefit immunity, but one may see the benefits across skin too.

Kate Kerr, aesthetic facialist and Director of Kate Kerr London Clinic, explains, “Vitamin D contributes to skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism. It optimises our skin’s immune system, which in turn helps destroy the free radicals that cause our skin to age prematurely.”

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