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i-charging featured in new online engineering hub

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Recently launched at the ICE’s London headquarters, The Future of Engineering (www.engineeringtv.org) is a comprehensive online hub that hosts a selection of exclusive, industry-related films, interviews and features.

As one of the leading voices in the provision of e-mobility infrastructure and electric vehicle charging, i-charging shares its insights and expertise in one of the initiative’s documentaries, entitled Putting the Smart into Cities.

The documentary (viewable at www.engineeringtv.org/putting-the-smart-into-cities) explores the ideas, innovations and individuals at the forefront of the development of sustainable, smart cities across the globe. Including commentary and analysis from a host of leading industry organisations, Putting the Smart into Cities addresses the present and future challenges of urban living, from transport and communications to the built environment, work and leisure.

The Future of Engineering also features a dedicated profile of i-charging and a film about its current ideas and operations, which can be found at www.engineeringtv.org/partners/i-charging.

Isabel Lima, Marketing Director at i-charging, says, “i-charging’s future aspirations are to have motivated people in the company that embrace the projects and believe that we are part of the change – the transition to electric mobility – to feel engaged with the project and also to feel that they have the opportunity in i-charging, to grow, to learn and to develop themselves.”

Addressing the smart city challenge, David Porter, Vice President of the ICE, says, “The ICE’s vision for the future is really embodied in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and we work very hard to try and support the delivery of those. We need to deliver all those SDGs in a way that helps people and the planet to thrive.”


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