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Phase Two of the Easter Traffic Operation Underway

by Mark Nolan
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Spain Travel Update

Although the roads in many places are already busier than usual due to the Easter holidays, things are set to get even busier as we head towards the Easter weekend.

Here, we have the breakdown on the busiest times in certain areas for each day. If you are travelling long distance, you should plan your journey in advance and then monitor the situation before you set off, avoiding the busiest times of possible.

If you are travelling locally, the situation will still be busier than normal, and many of the drivers will not be as used to the road system as you are, so, again, allow more time for your journey, and be patient and considerate.

Here is the traffic forecast for the roads of Spain for each day of the Easter holiday period, to read the specifics of each day, visit the n332.es website, and click the links below the player for live traffic updates.

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