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Postcode pizza delivery in Bishops Cleeve

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A side hustle created in lockdown by Gloucestershire couple Rachael Willoughby and Elliott Richmond is launching a postcode pizza event in January. The pocket-sized business in Bishops Cleeve nr Cheltenham, caters for residents in a four-mile radius

Residents in Cleeve near Cheltenham may find they are winners in a new pizza postcode surprise organised by local firm CasaGees to mark the turn of the year.

The initiative to give away free pizzas each Saturday in January to a local household came about thanks to a recent delivery mistake.

CasaGees co-founder Rachael Willoughby, known as Mama Gee, explains.

“We mistakenly delivered pizza to the wrong address in a postcode area in our delivery patch which is within a four mile radius of our home. The customer who had ordered had the same first name, Gemma, as the house four doors away.

“Shortly after, the customer called wondering where her pizza order was. It was realised then that the pizza has been delivered to the wrong Gemma. However we let the first Gemma keep her pizzas and delivered more to the ‘real’ Gemma.

“We had a call from the lady who got free pizza to say she had never tasted pizza like it and she would be placing an order very soon. This gave us an idea to ring in the new year – a new postcode pizza free delivery during January 2024.”

Each Monday in January, Rachael and her partner and expert pizza maker Elliott Richmond, aka Papa Gee, will pull an address at random from streets they have visited over the last three years. The following Saturday that home will get free traditional Neapolitan pizzas delivered.

“If the home owner isn’t in, we’ll simply deliver next door! We will keep going until someone answers the door,” Elliott said.

The CasaGees story began during lockdown when the couple started selling pizzas alongside running their software business. It was a side hustle to see them through a difficult time when many small businesses struggled. The authentic dough is all made from scratch by Elliott, who grew up on the Mediterranean island of Malta and has always made his own pizzas.

Since then the couple have made and delivered 10,333 pizzas, their customer’s top three favourites are margherita, meat feast and pepperoni – they have also had almost 300 five star reviews across their social media platforms.

They’ve gone on to invest in a pop-up pizza kitchen which recently fed Wigan football supporters when they came for a game against Cheltenham (the match was a draw). The kitchen has several weddings booked for 2024 (they specialise in mid week weddings) and the couple took their pop-up kitchen to their first corporate event at the 25th anniversary party for Augur Torque.

CasaGees is designed as a catering business which works from home. Rachael and Elliott deliver to a four-mile radius of their home on Friday and Saturday nights and regularly make £5,000 a month doing so – and up to 65 per cent of that income is profit. Later in 2024, they will be mentoring others across the UK to do the same.

“2023 has been a great year for us with our static kitchen doubling its revenue and the introduction of our mobile kitchen means we can get our tasty Neapolitan pizzas to more people,” Rachael said.


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